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Cyst Excisions Specialist

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Dermio Dermatology

Dermatologist located in Northwest Indiana, Munster, Dyer, Valparaiso and Crown Point, IN

Dr. Soleymani performs cyst excisions for his patients from the Chicago Metropolitan area at Dermio Dermatology. The practice has locations in Munster, Dyer, Valparaiso, DeMotte and Crown Point IN. 

Cyst Excisions


Why Would a Cyst Need to be Removed?

Most adults have between 30 and 40 moles and cysts on their bodies, and most of them are not dangerous. However, it is important to check the skin and monitor any cysts or moles for changes.  If you notice that a growth changes color, height, shape, or size, you should make an appointment for Dr. Soleymani to look at it.  Also, it is not normal for cysts or moles to bleed, itch, or become tender, so these clues should also encourage you to book an appointment with your doctor. The characteristics of cancerous skin growths are sometimes referred to as ABCDEs.

  • Asymmetry
  • Border
  • Color
  • Diameter
  • Evolution

What happens during a cyst removal procedure?

There are a variety of methods available for cyst removal. The most common method is excision. During this procedure, the skin is clean and a local anesthetic is applied. Then the dermatologist uses a small scalpel to remove the mole and some surrounding skin. If the incision is large, the doctor may use a stitch to close the treatment area.  Sometimes a dermatologist may use Mohs surgery, a delicate and precise surgical removal of skin cancer. The surgeon uses detailed mapping and microscopic examination of the cancerous tissue and surrounding margins to ensure that all cancerous cells are removed during one procedure.  This procedure is carried out in repetitive steps, where after the cancerous tissue removed, the surrounding area is examined and if any cancerous cells are found, the removal process is repeated, then checked again, and repeated as necessary until the area is completely cancer free. This close review of the progress and success of the surgery is a precise method to pinpoint the cancerous cells and remove them with out estimating or guessing the margins.

What is can be expected during recovery?

Most patients are able to return to work within a few days of the removal procedure although it is suggested to rest as much as possible in the first few days following the excision.  Minimal discomfort is most often reported from patients following the operation. Dr. Soleymani will suggest the best painkiller for your condition, like acetaminophen, which will not cause bleeding.  Any stitches will be removed at Dermio Dermatology, any where from four to fourteen days after surgery. The surgical site should be kept clean and dry. The patient will usually only need to wear a bulky pressure bandage for the first day or two. 

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