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Rejuvenating Skin: My Dermaplaning Experience

As the leaves change colors and the air turns crisper, my skin often experiences a shift too. The transition from summer to fall can leave my complexion feeling dry and flaky. This year, I decided to take proactive steps to tackle this issue head-on, and that's when I discovered the benefits of dermaplaning at Dermio Dermatology, thanks to the skilled hands of Jenni, the on-site esthetician.

Step One: Cleansing

My journey to smoother skin began with the gentle touch of Dermio Dermatology's Rosehip Cleanser. This soothing cleanser not only prepared my skin for the treatment ahead but also provided a delightful sensory experience with its delicate scent.

Step Two: Dermaplaning

The star of the show was undoubtedly the dermaplaning, a technique where a trained professional uses a surgical blade to exfoliate the surface of the skin. Under Jenni's expert care, this process was a breeze. She meticulously glided the blade across my face, removing dead skin cells, peach fuzz, and any unwanted debris. The result was instantly cleaner, clearer, and smoother skin. The dryness and flakes that had plagued me were nowhere in sight.

Step Three: Luxurious Gold Face Mask

Jenni then applied a 24k gold face mask, specially formulated for lifting and firming the skin. Beyond its functional benefits, this mask added a touch of opulence to the treatment. As it set, I could feel a subtle tingling sensation, a sign that it was working its magic. Plus, who doesn't love the idea of gold-infused skincare? As an added bonus, it left my skin with a sheer, radiant glow.

Step Four: Hydration

To conclude the treatment, Jenni used a warm, damp towel to gently remove the gold mask, revealing my revitalized skin underneath. Then, she applied a few pumps of the Dermio Dermatology Hyaluronic Quenching Serum. This step ensured my skin was hydrated and plump, locking in the benefits of the dermaplaning and the gold mask.

The Results and the Investment

As I left Dermio Dermatology, I couldn't help but admire my reflection in every passing window. My skin looked refreshed, rejuvenated, and radiant. The best part is that the entire experience cost only $100. An absolute steal for the instant skin transformation I had witnessed.

Maintaining Freshness: Jenni's Recommendation

Before letting me go, Jenni recommended having dermaplaning done monthly. This consistent schedule would help keep my skin fresh without the risk of over-exfoliating. I left Dermio Dermatology with a renewed commitment to my skincare routine, excited to return for my next session.

My dermaplaning experience at Dermio Dermatology with Jenni was nothing short of fantastic. It transformed my skin from dull and flaky to luminous and smooth, and it did so with a touch of luxury that left me feeling pampered. If you're looking for an effective and indulgent skincare treatment this fall, dermaplaning at Dermio Dermatology should be at the top of your list. Your skin will thank you for it!

Julia Henry Julia Henry is an office manager at Dermio Dermatology. She has worked at the practice for over 7 years, and enjoys learning and sharing about the treatments offered.

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